Professional Voice Actress for Engaging Audio Adventures

With my broad spectrum of vocal abilities and passion for the art of acting, I can transport your listeners to far-off lands, thrill them with heart-pumping action, and make them laugh and cry with fully realized characters that leap off the page. I'm particularly fond of portraying cheeky, witty, strong, delicate, cool, or villainous characters - and I love to perform in front of the mic.


My Voice As A Tool For Your Radioplay Projects

In my sound studio, I use state-of-the-art recording equipment and technologies to ensure that every recording is crystal clear and of the highest quality. Moreover, I offer a convenient and efficient file delivery service via WeTransfer immediately after the recording is completed, ensuring that you have your files in hand as soon as possible.

Contact me to learn more and take your audio drama projects to the next level!

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speaker Ann Vielhaben

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