Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm proud and happy about this new way of presenting myself and to be able to enter into an appreciative and open dialogue with you.

If you have requests, questions or suggestions, if you want to share criticism or ideas - I'm here listening. I know I'm not an all-rounder, but whatever I do, I do it well. It's an appealing notion to leave things unfinished, letting them be to reverberate within me.

I'm excited to find out what this journey has in store for you and me. Let me be your inspiration, your source of ideas. Let me share my knowledge with you and find out something new.
This is about reaching your goals - by taking smaller and big steps. I look forward to seeing you succeed!

I'm game. How about you?

Chocolate days & chocolate shades

by Ann Vielhaben

In: Personal

Everybody knows is: There are days when everything runs like clockwork.

Your voice sounds very fast and exact, you think you don't need to sing or tune in, everything sounds wonderful - you feel, smell, taste and love. Wonderful!

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Energy for the day

by Ann Vielhaben

In: Techniques

Let's talk about energy!

Being heard and convincing - my experiences for a successful day with my voice:

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My daily work includes documentaries, trailers and computer games as well as recordings with different voice accents.