Brightburn - Son of Darkness

Brightburn - Son of Darkness


  • Horror
Voice-over Actor
Ann Vielhaben
Iyuno GmbH
Kim Hasper
Erika, gespielt von Becky Wahlstrom
Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group
Date of creation
Audio sample


What happens when a child from another world crash lands on Earth but to become a hero to humanity, he turned out to be something much worse?


Farmers Kyle and Tori Breyer set out to conceive a child on a balmy evening. But the attempt is abruptly interrupted by a space capsule hitting their farm property. This is followed by baby and child shots of little Brandon Breyer, whom Kyle & Tori found by the capsule and have been raising ever since.

Ten years later: Brandon is now almost 12 years old and an unusually above-average student. He also keeps drawing a symbol on many occasions, for example during class. It is a double diamond, crossed out vertically.

One night, the space capsule that Kyle and Tori Breyer keep under lock and key in the barn becomes active. It lights up red and emits sounds reminiscent of a language via radio waves. Brandon is shaken by this in his sleep until he finally gets up. He goes to his window and throws himself out of the 1st floor, then runs into the shed at superhuman speed. When Tori finds him there, he rattles the trapdoor under which the capsule is located as if possessed. Tori is able to wake him from this trance state and Brandon is very frightened. When Tori brings Brandon back to bed, the space capsule still remains active, but Brandon is initially no longer affected by it. When Kyle wants to know from Tori what happened, she keeps it from him that Brandon has turned to the space pod....

Role: Erika, played by Becky Wahlstrom

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