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What do we actually spend the majority of our time doing?

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starting with getting up on time (way too early and way too loud!), breakfast routine (are all the sandwiches really greased and packed in leak-proof lunch boxes? Have all the braces, gym bags and music notes found their way into the right bag)? Do I have enough time to settle in and get to the appointment in peace? What should be on the dinner table? Are there parties and visits coming up, is there still a gift I have to get[HT1] , which phone calls are on my list for today, do I still need something from the market?


Far too often, we run errands by-the-way, rushing[HT2]  here and there, playing with our smartphones, making elaborate appointments that not everyone sticks to (kudos to the personal agent who doesn´t only make friendly [HT3] congenial phone calls for me and clarifies production schedules and cut-off times, as well as negotiating fees, but also keeps my electronic diary in order [HT4] without throwing me off my daily schedule).


Sure, as a freelance actress and equipped with good sound know-how, I combine the typical musical skills with business aptness[HT5] , social media savvy and media competence. But I'm happy when I can concentrate primarily on the content at hand and don't have to constantly ask myself:

What else needs [HT6] to be done, what demands my attention?


Have to / should?

Carpe diem.

What do I want to spend my time on?

What do I need to be happy?

Do I rush off and run after a task?

Do I overdo myself in the pre-Christmas stress by trying to fulfill all known and unknown wishes?

Do I need all this and much more...!?

Do I need to be efficient again?

Breathe out - pause - become quiet - come to your senses.

Just do nothing for once and listen to myself.

Let conversations pass in review.

Listen to a melody.


Looking into the void and daydreaming.

Very soon I feel: This is exactly what is right for me - right now.

It's not about efficiency and benefit, about pursuing goals and creative flights of fancy. Rather, I want to pause and meet myself with a smile.

Yes, myself.

Smilingly perceive who I am today.

Only then can I spend quality time with all the others who are important to me - my partner, my children, my best friend, my father and my next job.

In this respect: Cheers to time spent full of duty and peace.

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