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What do we actually spend the majority of our time doing?

starting with getting up on time (way too early and way too loud!), breakfast routine (are all the sandwiches really greased and packed in leak-proof lunch boxes? Have all the braces, gym bags and music notes found their way into the right bag)? Do I have enough time to settle in and get to the appointment in peace? What should be on the dinner table? Are there parties and visits coming up, is there still a gift I have to get[HT1] , which phone calls are on my list for today, do I still need something from the market?


Far too often, we run errands by-the-way, rushing[HT2]  here and there, playing with our smartphones, making elaborate appointments that not everyone sticks to (kudos to the personal agent who doesn´t only make friendly [HT3] congenial phone calls for me and clarifies production schedules and cut-off times, as well as negotiating fees, but also keeps my electronic diary in order [HT4] without throwing me off my daily schedule).


Sure, as a freelance actress and equipped with good sound know-how, I combine the typical musical skills with business aptness[HT5] , social media savvy and media competence. But I'm happy when I can concentrate primarily on the content at hand and don't have to constantly ask myself:

What else needs [HT6] to be done, what demands my attention?


Have to / should?

Carpe diem.

What do I want to spend my time on?

What do I need to be happy?

Do I rush off and run after a task?

Do I overdo myself in the pre-Christmas stress by trying to fulfill all known and unknown wishes?

Do I need all this and much more...!?

Do I need to be efficient again?

Breathe out - pause - become quiet - come to your senses.

Just do nothing for once and listen to myself.

Let conversations pass in review.

Listen to a melody.


Looking into the void and daydreaming.

Very soon I feel: This is exactly what is right for me - right now.

It's not about efficiency and benefit, about pursuing goals and creative flights of fancy. Rather, I want to pause and meet myself with a smile.

Yes, myself.

Smilingly perceive who I am today.

Only then can I spend quality time with all the others who are important to me - my partner, my children, my best friend, my father and my next job.

In this respect: Cheers to time spent full of duty and peace.

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