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Let's talk about energy!

When I work with my voice all day and sometimes late into the evening, for example recording about 100 pages of an audio book for five hours and then dubbing or recording a documentary, I need an alert body and relaxed vocal chords for many hours.

So it's about being fit for peak physical and vocal performance, basically around the clock, day after day.

When I go on vacation, I usually continue my training in small doses.

This training usually includes a balanced breathing and physical workout. Especially when I can make time for my body and voice, which is not necessarily every day -

I like to start with some stretching and tapping of the entire body and head. After that, I exercise my pelvic floor muscles so that the voice is also well grounded and has a firm seat in the body.

I move on to humming exercises for resonance, doing Tai Chi or my breathing exercises.

Then, when my body is awake, exercises for tongue mobility, phonation.

The famous cork, or better yet the index finger bone, in the mouth does the rest for certain consonants on the way to a mobile mouth apparatus.

The only thing left to do is to remain relaxed while speaking and not to lose the optimal voice fit. To do this, it is always helpful to clearly show your personal inner critic, who likes to sit on your shoulder and make snide remarks, the door. Instead of swearing, it's also better to stay in the role address or simply step out of the work situation and take a few deep breaths and relax deeply. I have my own techniques, and they are more helpful than any espresso or sugar input.


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